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Looking for an emergency plumber in Campbelltown? Blocked toilet, blocked drain, blocked shower or a blocked sewer, we attend to emergency situations siwftly and our repairs are just as quick and reliebale.

If you have a plumbing emergency you will need a fast, reliable and experienced plumber in Campbelltown  to fix the issue, which is why you should call Plumber To you.

We are the 24/7 emergency plumber in Campbelltown that is friendly and reliable when you need an understanding plumbing service We respond to all plumbing emergencies fast and will fix your plumbing problem efficiently and effectively.

Many plumbing problems like burst pipes, blocked drains, or lack of hot water can be considered an emergency whether it’s day or night and they can obviously cause a lot of damage and massive inconvenience as well as being a potential health hazard to family or staff

24/7 After Hours Plumbers

It is always the case that when a plumbing emergency should eventuate, it will lways happen at the mot inconvenient time, and it is always usually after hours when you have arrived home and notice you have a blocked shower drain or even worse blocked toilet pipe.

Whatever your plumbing emergency is, call plumber to you immediately. We are able to offer all our regular plumbing services day or night including weekends and with a fast response time whenever possible.

Our services are Campbelltown local as we are based in Werombi just next to Orangeville so we are a stone’s throw as your local emergency Campbelltown plumber.

We will advise on arrival times and give advice on what to do meanwhile over the phone. We will always show up on time so you can be sure of a reliable service.

Emeregency Plumber Campbelltown

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Blocked Toilet Emergency Campbelltown

With Plumber To You there are no no hidden charges with this emergency plumber.

The quote we give you is the price you pay and that includes emergency plumbing situations and also on weekends.

From the momemnt we hand you your quote, you will know from start to finish whatr iot will cost you for the full job to be completed.

The emergency plumber who attends your home or place of business will thoroughly explain from start to finish what is involved so that are kept in the clear at all times.

With the latest tool, technology and equipment at our disposal, we will complete your emergency plumbing situation to the letter and restore normality in your home or business.

It matters not whether or not it is a broken sewer, clogged toilet or kitchen sink.

Our emergency plumbing services are always thorough.


Why Choose Plumber To You For Your Emergency Plumbing In Macarthur ?

There are many good reasons why people call us with a plumbing emergency, but here are the main reasons you should give us a call:

  • Fast Response
  • Reliable and Punctual
  • Available 24/ Hour – 7 Days a Week
  • Over 25 Years Experience
  • High Quality Work
  • Upfront, Honest Pricing
  • Qualified Plumbers
  • Local Family Run Business
  • Excellent Reputation
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are very customer friendly which is invaluable for all customers as being on time and being able to work quickly under pressure is vitally important when it comes to plumbing emergencies.

Got An Emergency Blocked Drain In Campbelltown Right Now ?

If you are in the unfortunate position of a plumbing emergency in Campbelltown right now, the first thing you should be doing is contacting your Campbelltown emergency Plumber in our local area.

Delaying any drain blockage is not the best idea as you do not know hen or where it is going to backflow and if it does, it could backflow anywhere in your home or business.

We are recognised as one of the best drain blockage emergency plumbers in Campbelltown with the latest equimpment in resolving your emergency or drain blockage as quickly as possible.



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So When Should You Call Your Emergency Plumber In Macarthur ?

No Hot Water :

Next to a blocked drain and needing a drain blockage plumber, the next most frustrating plumbing emergency is suddenly not having any hot water in the home or business.

There is nothing more annoying than coming home and finding you suddenly have a blown hot water system and need a new hot water installation or hot water tank repair.

If you are lucky, you may just need a thermostat or element replacement  and we will have you back on your way.

If you need a new hot water system installation, gas, or electric, we will recommend the best possible new hot water tank and upon your approval we will have the hot water running back in your home ASAP.

No hot water most of times can either be an emergency situation or not but in most cases is for the simple reason that most homes usually have kids or residents that require hot water on tap when they need it.

Elderly folks that require home care will always require hot water and so will special needs adults or children. In cases like this, always call your local emergency plumber at Plumber to you.

Broken Sewer Pipe Emergency

Happen to see wet soil in your back yard or front yard and also notice it is constantly wet without ever drying up ?

Are  you noticing that the area wet is increasing in ground coverage ?

That believe it or not is more than likely a cracked or broken pipe.  When this happens, turn off any main at your home for safety purposes

This is how blown sewers usually start. It starts with a leak which looks ever so insignificant and as the soil in the immediate surrounding area becomes water logged, it is then soft enough for the pipe to fully burst and therefore spew water all over your yard or all over the street.

You shoulw always call your local Campbelltown emergency plumber when you see wet grounds that are unexplained anywhere on your property.

If you are noticing this on the median strip or under footpath, you can call our local Campbelltown council for immediate on site sewage management assistance

Broken sewer pipe
Gas Leak Emergency

Gas Leak Emergency

Are you smelling gas in your home or business. Gas as everyone knows ignites very easily.

The slightest spark or pilot light that is lit in your home or business can turn your residence or place of business into a mini Hiroshima.

Are you smelling gas in your home or business ?

If this is the case, IMMEDIATELY turn off  gas from the main to your property, evacuate the premises for everyone’s safety and call our emergency plumbers for immediate assistance.

If your plumber advises to leave the premises, please do so immediately until your gas plumber arrives to investigate the cause and source of the leak.

Once the source of the leak has been located and repaired, only then can you re-enter your premise.

Plumber To You always ensures the safety of our clients when it comes to gas leak emergencies.

Blocked Or Overflowing Toilet

isn’t it just dandy when you need to go no questions but your toilet says…” No you’re noooot “

A blocked or clogged toilet is most times an emergency for the simple reason that it can backflow and blow sewer water or all over your bathroom and overflow into any of your living areas and nobody needs that.

When you have a blocked toilet emergency, call Plumber To You for immediate assistance

When it comes to commercial businesses where staff are involved, this usually falls under OH&S and requires immediate plumbing services as it can pose a serious health threat to staff or any customers that visit your premises.

Again, if this left unattended, it can overflow sewer water into your premises so the quicker you call our blocked toilet plumber, the quciker we can fix the issue.

Blocked Toilet Plumber

Upfront Plumber To You Pricing

When it comes to plumber costs fro blocked drains or plumbing instrallations, one yhjing we do not like and our customers do not like is confusion or misunderstanding when it comes to pricing. When it comes to our drain blockages prices or any type of plumbing repair you may have, we are up front and clear on what needs to be done. We will attend your premises, inspect the emergency issue at hand and price accordingly on materials required and labor costs. No hidden charges on completion

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