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If you are looking for sewer repair companies for a sewer repair cost in the local area that is competitive and fair, you have come to the right place.

Plumber To You is the drain unblocking service that just stacks up.

When you’re faced with blocked sewer drains or clogged stormwater drains, a speedy and effective solution is essential.

Flooding due to sewer or stormwater drain issues can pose serious health hazards for both homes and businesses. At Plumber to you, we can take care of all your drainage issues with all your residential and commercial needs throughout the Macarthur local area.

That’s why it’s crucial to entrust the repair to a skilled and experienced plumber who can diagnose and fix the problem efficiently.

Having been in the commercial and residential drainage repair industry for 25 years is all the confidence you require for Plumber To You to get the job done.

Plumber to you provide comprehensive drainage installations, sewer repair or drain repair and maintenance services for all stormwater and sewer repairs in Campbelltown

Sewer Repairs

Common Causes of Blocked Sewer and Stormwater Drains in Campbelltown

Blocked stormwater/sewer drains can result from various factors, including:

  • Accumulation of dust, debris, and dirt in stormwater inlets.
  • Excessive paper flushed down toilets.
  • Congealed oil, grease, or fat in drain pipes.
  • Broken or cracked pipes.
  • Debris from other connected drains.
  • Waste and debris from construction sites.
  • Damage caused by nearby construction work.
  • Tree roots infiltrating the pipes.

For any of these issues, you need a qualified Campbelltown plumber to unblock a drain or install a new drain promptly. Give us a call as soon as possible.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services

At Plumber To You, we offer a full suite of services for your sewer and stormwater drain needs, including:

  • CCTV Camera Inspections
  • Drain Repair
  • Drain Installations
  • Unblocking Blocked Drains
  • Jet Water Blasting
  • No Dig Pipe Repairs
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Backyard Drainage Maintenance
  • Pipe Relining Services
  • Stormwater Unblocking And Installation Services
  • Stormwater Pit Installation

If you happen to reside or run a business in the Campbelltown area and need a blocked drain or sewer plumbing service that services the Macarthur regional areas, Plumber To You is a phone call away.

For any other plumbing requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be pleased to discuss your needs in detail and provide a free, in-depth quote, right at your doorstep.


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Causes Of Blocked Sewers Or Drains

Storm water Plumbers Campbelltown

Taking into consideration a sewer pipe’s environment, there can be many varying factors that can cause sewer drain blockages. Under normal circumstances, it is usually only just a handful that are the primary culprits most times there is a sewer blockage.

Without getting into too many details of the types of sewer or pipe blockages, we are only going to mention the most common sewer or drain blockages.

  • Tree Or Plant Roots
  • Waste Material Sticking To The Inside Surfaces Of The Pipe Or Drain
  • Grease And Oil Solidifying Into A Solid Mass Of Fats Or Solid Grease


Now, is this what the actual cause of the problem is ? No, it is not. The problem may be that you have a blocked drain and nothing is getting through, but we need to be able to establish what the cause of the issue is.

So What Are The Most Common Causes Of Blocked Pipes ?

Tree roots: cracked pipes from age or wear and tear can break or crack, opening access for tree roots to reach nutrient source

  • Waste material sticking: Again, from wear and tear, the lining of your pipes over the years can degrade, becoming rough, causing matter to stick to the surface. Hair alone here is just the start, let alone other solid matter that can come along.
  • Grease and oil—why are you pouring this down your sinks?

All this boils down to is that we can unblock a drain or sewer of any sort, but if we do not rectify the cause of the issue, it will only become a repeat, even once again. Whether it is a few weeks or a few months, the drain blockage will repeat itself.

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Need To Clear A Blocked Drain ?

As Campbelltown sewer experts, it is our job to clear a clogged drain of any type or size. If it can not be repaired or is beyond repair, then it becomes a sewer or storm water pipe installation, but until that happens, there are various methods for unclogging a blocked drain.

The most common method for assessing any drain or sewer blockage is to use a drain camera to ascertain the cause of the blockage.

From there we will decide the course of action whether we need to use chemicals or a water jet or electric eel. If it is not of solid matter that is causing the drain blockage or, we will use chemicals or a water jet. We will use an electric eel if it is solid matter to shred and break up anything solid like tree roots.

How To Fix A Blocked Drain

So outside any oil or solid grease collecting in your drain, what is the best way to repair a blocked drain or sewer pipe if it can not be repaired with an eel or water jet. These are common sense question and the only answer left is that your old pipe must be dug up and replace or juts relined to make it functional again and avoid any more drain blockages.

These methods are definite repair solutions to avoiding any further blockages. So, if you have a blocked drain or pipe anywhere on your block, be it home or business, give Plumber To You a call for immediate or emergency drain unblocking services.

Stormwater Drainage Solutions For The Home

Stormwater Drain Services

Whether you are carrying out some major changes to your home or block, or even possibly contemplating a major aesthetic change with landscaping, Plumber to you can provide practical and efficient solutions to implementing drainage systems that deliver every time.

We have the latest in technological designed systems that we can install to deliver on all drainage expectations.

  1. French Drains Installation — underground drains
  2. Swales Drainage Installation
  3. Table Drains — dug-out open channel drains
  4. Rain Water Tanks
  5. Trench Drains Installation
  6. Guttering And Down Pipe Adjustments
  7. Spoon Drains Installation
  8. Stormwater Pit

Additional approaches for improving the effectiveness of the stormwater management system involve minimising large pavement areas or implementing permeable flooring structures, as well as smart landscaping planning and plant management.

Implementing A Garden Drainage System That Works

There are serious issues which can occur from lack of effective drainage in your garden beds.

These Include :

  1. Minor To Major Flooding Around The Property
  2. Mosquito Infestation
  3. Rodent Or Other Insect Pests
  4. Possible Foundation Movement
  5. Rotting Timber Structures From Constant Dampness
  6. Water Damage To Building Structures
  7. Consistent Water Logged Areas

Commercial Drainage Services

Best Sewer Repairs And Installations

Commercial drainage sewers and drainage system that ensure business establishments do not become flooded in the worst of times when it comes to heavy downpours or storms are critical

Get it wrong here, and your business will pay for it with shut-downs from flooded grounds or even worse, flooding into your business premises.

If your business is currently experiencing minor flooding, do not ignore this, as it will get much worse in times of heavy storms.

At Plumber To You, we can send our plumbing experts to your place of business and assess your current drainage design and pinpoint where its weaknesses currently are.

From here, we can discuss with you what the best course of action will be in rectifying the issue so it does not happen again. This could be re-adjusting your drainage system in place or replacing the sewage system in question. You can rely on Plumber To You when it comes to your sewer repairs.

Commercial Drainage Services

Need A New Sewer Or Drainage System Installation ?

If you are in the process of erecting or construction of new premises, our Campbelltown plumbers can be on site and work together with your builders to ensure all plumbing is installed correctly from the very onset, so there are no issues with drainage when the business is operating.

You Can Trust Plumber To You For All Your Sewer Repairs And Drainage Installation For Home Or Business

Plumber To You have serviced the Campbelltown area as professional plumbers in all facets of plumbing service for  25 years and climbing.

We are you local Campbelltown plumber that is just a phone call away from any plumbing emergency that may arise when you need a plumber quickly for any situation, whether it be sewer repair or installation, drainage issues of any kind garden drainage and more.

Additional Plumbing Services We Provide in Campbelltown

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Sewer & Stormwater FAQs

The duration of unblocking a drain depends on the type and severity of the blockage. However, our plumbers are experienced and efficient, and they can clear most drains within a day.

One of the best ways to prevent sewer pipe clogs is to pour hot water down your drains regularly. This helps to dissolve grease and other substances that can build up in your pipes. You should also use a sink strainer to catch food scraps and other debris that can cause blockages.

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